A Scholar and a Drop of Water: A Tale of Unmatched Persistence

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

There is a beautiful and a true story about a Scholar that began his journey late in his life. When he first started, his master told him that why don't you find another passion? This is going to be extremely difficult for you at this age.

The Scholar had an unwavering will and asked his master to teach him, so the master gave the Scholar a line to memories and repeat. The Scholar spent all his day preparing and learning the line by heart, and when the time came, he reversed the line, and everyone laughed at him.

The Scholar didn't give up and continued his studies for ten years, but he showed no significant progress, and alas he became frustrated with himself and left for the desert.

Walking in despair, the Scholar saw a boulder with a deep, deep hole in it, and as he was marveling the depth of the hole, and thinking of how it came to be, he saw a droplet of water falling into the great hole.

He thought to himself "If a tiny drop of water can carve such a deep hole into this mighty boulder, than too my modest potential can achieve my great dream."

Witnessing the persistence of the drop of water, the Scholar's will was reignited, and so he went back to his studies and dedicated himself to it like never before. And to the shock of everyone, the Scholar became one of the most renowned scholars in the Arab world.

As long as you keep doing what your are doing, eventually you will reach your goal. You will fail, time and time again, but you will come back stronger, more determined, and more prepared than you were.

Keep trying, and keep pushing forward. Your efforts will eventually yield the results that you crave.