Anyone Can Draw!

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

by Ahmed

Artist, Writer & Illustrator

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The "I Can't Draw" Myth

It's often the same answer when you ask someone to draw for the first time

''I can't draw, I don't have the talent''.

Nothing could have been more untrue!

There is no doubt that we are all are born with different capacities which enable us to do certain things better than others, but it is equally true that you can develop any of your lower tier skills to match and even exceed those of natural talent.

Not convinced, huh? Well, read on and let's see if I can get to you look at things differently.

How & Why Can You Too Learn to Draw?

The Seven Components of Art

Making a beautiful drawing or painting is nothing more than the effective application and understanding of what is called The Seven Components of Art: line, color, shape, shadow, value, form, space, and texture.

Those whom we readily identify as natural talent are simply people who are born with a more acute sense of understanding of these elements.