How to Be Happy When You Are Feeling Sad

Gratitude is the Key!

If there is something in this world that you can use to make yourself happy in the most troublesome times and make everything in your life tastes one thousand times better it is gratitude. Lucky are those who live their lives by it and miserable are those who lack it.

No matter how difficult our situations may be, or how distressed we may feel, remembering our good times and counting our blessings has such an uplifting feeling and always lessen how bad we feel. It is truly a key if not the key to happiness.

When you become grateful, you no longer need more money, better relationships, higher status, or more from the world - for your wealth becomes what you have.

Is there a more precious treasure?

This may seem obvious and you may be tempted to say that you are already grateful for what you have. Just remember you can always be more grateful and thus more happy.

How, You may wonder?

Let me ask you this. Have you ever had a dream where you lost something or someone very dear and woke up to realize that you did not and it was merely a dream?

I have, and believe me I was crying out of joy when I knew that I was dreaming. That right there is what gratitude is all about.

Imagining losing what you already have and knowing or remembering that it is still yours is one of the most powerful techniques to become happy and stay happy.

Use it and abuse it!

I would like to keep these kind of articles short so that you are not overwhelmed with what to do and think. Practice these techniques and stay open to being more grateful and I am sure you will see a change in yourself.

Until next time, take care and stay happy!

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"What you want is yours, you just have to wake up to it"