How to Be More Interesting

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

You might be someone who loves to talk and express themselves, but you might notice that people are becoming less interested in what you're saying. I have had this problem and I can tell you it's truly frustrating.

But as I gained more experience in life, I learned that the less you speak the more people are going to be interested in what you have to say. Think of yourself as a merchant and your words as your goods.

If you become a merchant who opens his store once a week and only offers carefully selected items, everyone is going to line up in front of your door, curious and hyped up for what you’re offering.

Sounds strange but believe me it works!

Surround yourself with a sense of mystery, don't reveal everything about yourself, because if you do, you won’t allow space for the imagination of your listener. Give people space to think about you and wonder about the things you didn’t say.

Cultures from all over the world in some way or another glorify silence and criticize excessive talk, because when you embrace silence and restrict your tongue, you allow yourself time to think, which automatically increases the quality of your words and lessens your chance of saying something redundant or inappropriate.

Please practice this with reason, don’t be silent with the situation requires you to speak. You must always find an equilibrium and evaluate each situation in its own rights.

Take care for now and remember, you’re only limited by your own beliefs. Nothing is beyond you, and all is yours if you only believe.