The Importance of Setting Definite Goals

"Begin with the end in mind” ~ Stephen Covey

Those who lead their lives with a clear purpose in mind and a specific action plan are bound to go further than those who only dream.

Dreaming is the origin of all great feats, but alone it will never carry you to where you aspire to be. Your goals need to be clear, and they need to have a plan if you want to see real progress.

Start by asking yourself what is my higher purpose in life? What is it that I live to do? If you can't find the answer, then it is here where you have to begin.

Your goal MUST be clear, so clear that you need not be asked about it, and it is so natural to articulate as your own name.

One of the most effective practices you can implement when setting your goals is to specify a timeframe. For instance, instead of saying "I want more money," you'd say "I want to double my income before next year."

It is a simple change but an effective one, for it forces you to act within a time limit, which will motivate or pressure you to take action sooner than later.

Once you have your definite goals set, you should start dividing your main objective into sub-goals. This will allow you to measure the progress you're making towards your goals, and will give you a chance to monitor your performance in a more accurate way.

If you start your goal with baby steps, and you slowly achieve one sub-goal after another, you are bound to reach your destination. The problem with many of us is that we set goals which are so big that we end up just not doing them.

My challenge to you this week is to come up with a list that entails your definite goal(s). By the way, you can have many definite goals, one for each area of your life. You can write them down in the comments section below, if you want.

Thank you all so much for your time, and I pray for you all to achieve your goals and have the lives you all wish for.

Take care