The Power of Adaptability

“All failure is failure to adapt, all success is successful adaptation.” ~ Max McKeown

Nothing is too difficult, and nothing is beyond you. No matter how tough the world might seem, it can never break you, because you have the power of adaptability.

We exaggerate our vulnerability, and underestimate our ability to adapt to the difficulties of life. We are so quick to claim that our lives will be ruined if something we aspire for is not realized or lost, but it is rarely the case.

Pain is inevitable in loss or unfulfillment, but with time, our minds and bodies adjust to the absence of our needs, and we become stronger, and more resilient with each painful experience.

There are people who have practically nothing, they have lost their families and their health, but they carry on living and become very successful, like Stephen Hawking, Nick Vujicic, and Frida Kahlo to name but a few.

These amazing people knew how to harness the power of adaptation and used it to overcome the challenges of their lives. You too can do the same!

The pain will lose its edge, and its intensity will diminish. All you have to do is remain patient and observe how your power to adapt makes you stronger.

Stay strong