Transform Your Life With The Power of "Act as If"

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

There is truly magic in the power of acting as if you're the person you aspire to be, or acting as if you're in possession of the thing you desire.

I know there are countless posts out there about this topic, but I'm sorry, I can't stop myself from sharing with you my thoughts on this technique, because I can tell you from experience that it is one of the most powerful tools you can use to transform your life.

Let's start by looking at what does it really mean to act as if. On a very superficial level, it means that you pretend that you are someone different that who you are now. For example, you may be someone who is genuinely afraid of the dark, and so you pretend that you are not; or you're someone who is sick, and so you act as if you're someone who is healthy and well.

I know it seems strange so far, but bear with me a little, because it's about to get really clear for you now.

Let's examine what exactly do we get by using this method. First of all, the minute you start thinking about the possibility of you being the person you desire, you will feel an immediate sense of enthusiasm and joy, it will be a temporary one, but you will be able to experience it as often as you want.

After all, why do we desire, why do we want? We're just after the feelings and sensations that these material objects seem to induce.

Second, when you act as someone, you prime yourself to be the person you want. For example, when you pretend to be brave, you will have to take brave actions, this is a part of your role, this is who you are on stage now. Strange enough, when you think in this way, things that you don't normally do, seem easier, and you end up doing them.

Finally, if you keep up the act long enough, you will notice that you are becoming the person you're pretending to be. Do you know that this really happens to actors? When an actor plays a role long enough, they can get sometimes confused between who they are and who they are pretending to be!

Start by deciding who you want to be, spend a lot of time designing the person you want to become. Imagine this person in all sorts of situations, think how they would face their problems, how would they deal with conflicts, and so on. With time and dedication to your