You're Never Alone

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Is there something more fragile than us humans? We work so hard in life to accomplish, to achieve, to obtain and maintain, and by a multitude of causes that can never be predicted or if predicted cannot be prevented, our lives and efforts can be lost in an instant.

In every move you make, in every action you take, there has always been an invisible, merciful force that protected you from harm and misfortune.

I'm not a preacher, but I want to tell you and remind myself once again, that we are never ever alone!

We lose hope and feel desperation when we think that we are alone against life and its everlasting problems. I can tell you that we are not alone. We have a divine Creator whose mercy is unmatched and forever lasting.

No matter what kind of a problem you face, remember that the one who created you, the universe, and everything you see is with you, asking you to take His hand and lay your burden on Him.

Don't lose hope for you're never alone!